Rik B. Wadge

I am a Pastor of a Christian Church in San Diego. My pride and joy is my family. I have been blessed with two sons, three daughters. One naturally, and two who are married to my two sons. They are my daughters-in-love (not law). Our family rejoiced when our granddaughter Kylie came on the scene. She is so full of life. When she dances I think the ground sings! Now we have a second blessing in our lives, little Melinda.

My passion is G-d. My interests are computers, music, guitar, spirituality and ancient languages.

I have been in school forever! Still a student. I'm sure I'll die a student as well.

My studies include: Theology; Biblical Studies; Clinical Counseling; Patristric; Rabbinic Hebrew.

I have a desire to know G-d more personally, and to instruct people about Him more authentically!

We're a small clan by numbers, but we have a great love for one another.

- Rik

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